ease chronic tension & let natural vitality and balance unfold your life

People of all ages benefit from the practice, especially in situations or periods where underlying prenatal stress patterns block the flow of life and start to show up as a “problem, injury, condition, addiction, conflict, difficulty to make a transition, procrastination … etc.” .

Your relationships with yourself and others,  inner mind chatter, career, health conditions, intuition, creativity, flexibility, and our overall sense of aliveness are all effected in a positive way, when the natural life force can find its way from within.

Metamorphosis provides holistic support for children with special gifts and needs: It is comforting for parents to realize that often a child’s “problem, condition…” is an expression of prenatal stress patterns. No analysis or blame is needed, since these come along with the package – for all human beings in their own way. Common examples of stress patterns with children are: hyperactivity, emotional problems, learning disabilities, physical challenges, and so on. Metamorphosis looks at these as ‘patterns’ and not as permanent situations. Children  – even teenagers! – love to have their feet worked on and respond very quickly to Metamorphosis. To read more on Metamorphosis for holistic family care, click here.

Our furry friends – especially with more anxious temperaments and behaviors – seem to be very open to experience Metamorphosis as well.  I’m happy to work with dogs.

You lay down on a massage table. I will touch specific reflex points on your feet, hands, head, and neck with gentle pressure and presence. You have nothing to do. No need to talk. There is no analysis, no effort, changing, fixing, reading or guiding involved. Even relaxing is simply an option, but not a must! The practice addresses unconscious stress patterns that cause imbalances in our lives, so our conscious thinking does not have to get involved during a Metamorphosis session. Please wear comfortable pants &  plan for clean feet.

In Littleton and Trinidad, Colorado.

How much?
$60 per session. A session is about an hour.

Your Options

After receiving your payment confirmation, I will contact you to schedule your appointment. Please leave your phone number in the comments section.

Your receipt will show my company name Sift Visuals LLC

How many sessions do you need?
Since Metamorphosis is a non-directive and non-symptomatic approach, it’s recommended to let YOUR own insight guide you. One session is a meaningful way to start and experience the practice. Afterwards you may notice some shifts in your sense of wellbeing or specific symptoms, or not. Some patterns easily release themselves, and others might be more resistant to letting to. You will intuitively know if you’d like to receive one or more additional sessions. If you are interested, I can also demonstrate you how to work on yourself in between sessions or point you at the resources that are available to learn more about the background and the practice.

Be the change you want to see in the world
Metamorphosis offers a perspective and a practice that can alleviate unhealthy stress, individually and collectively. If we begin with ourselves, there inevitably is a ripple-effect and we support humanity as a whole to express more functional patterns.

Interested in a class?
Cindy Silverlock of the Metamorphosis Center is willing to come to Colorado for a two day class. Please send an email to with your contact information, if you are interested. She also offers online programs.

More information? Background information about Metamorphosis and the work of Robert St. John can be found HERE. I received  training at the Metamorphosis Center in California with Cindy Silverlock.

Ready to see what unfolds for you?
If you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your session, please contact me at or 720-3243555

What others say:

Jenny Domingue about her Metamorphosis session:
“Walking into an inspiring, creative space.  My mind, open … uncertain of what I would experience.  Sinking into a comfy oversized chair filled with pillows.  Receiving gentle, present, skillful touch that created a deep sense of peace and ease within my body, mind and heart.  Listening to birds and crickets outside the window.  An hour of pure heaven!  After my session, I unexpectedly had feelings surface about my desire to have more time and space for creativity.  I connected with a deep longing to be creative, a knowing that it was somewhere lost inside.  I had memories of making art as a little girl and the creativity of my mother.  This part of me was yearning to be nurtured.  Heartfelt thanks, Susanne.  What a precious gift I received from my Metamorphosis session with you.”