Healing arts

A few thoughts on the meaning of “healing”

Essentially there is no need to split up visual arts and healing arts in two different tribes. They are closely connected and enjoy to show up together. Artful awareness is their common language and they both have “healing” qualities. However, they also speak their own language and express themselves in different media and forms. More important: we tend to project very polarized expectations on them. Art is for Fun and “Healing” is for Problems.

“Healing” is easily associated with divine miracles or with the medical profession, with treating diseases and with the concept of fixing what is seemingly wrong.  To me “healing” refers to the capacity for greater aliveness and a greater sense of wholeness within ourselves and in connection with others. It is part of the flow of life. It is more an experience than a state – at all levels: spiritual, energetic, creative, mental, emotional, practical and physical.

I prefer another word: “easing“. If we experience disease, ‘dis-ease’, in any form, we like to be supported and uplifted so we can feel more at ease with whatever is happening. Easing helps us to relax and to be present, so that the  natural healer within has more energy to communicate with  the organic processes of life, to imagine what is possible and to change what wants to be transformed. Easing is a form of wayfinding: it helps us to more gracefully find the direction on the map of our human experience, with all its possibilities.

Easing can happen in many ways. Art is a way. Dance is a way. Music is a way. Friendship is a way. Touch is a way. Metamorphosis is a way. Reiki is a way. You can do easing for yourself, but sometimes it is easier to let someone else create the space for “easing”, especially when dis-ease makes it harder to find the energy to create and trust your own process. An easing session is a precious gift to yourself and the people on whom you have an impact.