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Tiny Van, Tiny Art – mobile pop up gallery

For the Artocade Art Car festival in Trinidad, South Colorado, I revived my Tiny Muse art show. It’s a series of miniature projects that I painted in 2012. I adjusted the size of the paintings to small windows of available time and “the-not-so-big-self. Fun to bring this show into a tiny space for the first time: my part time bedroom/tiny camper van doubled up as a mobile pop up gallery.

I am fascinated with tiny houses, like many others. The Tiny House trend seems to be an icon for our collective need for quiet time, sustainabiity, simplicity, mystery, intimacy, freedom, creativity and closeness to nature.

I wonder what kind of art belongs in A-Not-So-Big-World, in a tiny house with limited wallspace. How small is the new version of the grandiose mantle piece?

May all your tiny living spaces be artfully curated!


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TONDO – Visual notes on the wonder path

It’s done. The book is ready. It’s called TONDO – visual notes on the wonder path. “Tondo” is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art.

A book looks simply like a book, a stack of pages, filled with fine print and pretty pictures, held together by some form of binding. But beyond the box of a book it’s a project, a process, a container, a celebration, a mirror, a permission slip, a goal, a coming out, an experience of completion and above all: a way to share the journey, to inspire others and to pay the gifts forward.

Tondo is an art journal, a creativity guide and a cabinet of curiosities. It’s a curated collection of more than eighty round illustrations, doodles, paintings and notes that I have created over the past 12 years. The collection tells my visual story of creative and spiritual inquiry in a variety of art media.

I hope to inspire others to connect their own creative dots.

It’s also a Renaissance Soul manifesto – if you have multiple talents, give yourself permission to develop them all!



• The first edition of the book is self-published in a small print run. It is not yet available via regular book sellers. Finding a publisher and/or making the book available to a wider audience is the next phase of the project.  The book of 190 full color pages can be ordered online  for $49 + shipping.

Special  launch price $35 + shipping. If you live in the Denver area we might be able to arrange a direct delivery or pick-up. Email me at to order your book.

If you live in the Netherlands, we can bring your copy in July. The price is 32 Euro (+shipping, if necessary)



Yes, most of the pages in the book are for sale. Some works have been sold to private collectors. Others need to stay with me.

If you find a page that really speaks to you and you would like to adopt it, please contact me at for the price and shipping details. Pricing ranges from $20-200.






















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Inspired by the work of Hundertwasser and his Pintorarium Manifesto

This spring and summer I have been inspired by the art and life of visionary artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000). His vibrant, colorful paintings , his wildly independent and original approach to life and his conceptual, intuitive, funny, mystical philosophy speak to me. A truly creative human being.

His spirit urges me to continue on the artist’s path, to be in touch with my inner logic, and to create uncompromised bold work to bring that “logic” to life in bright and non-linear ways. It’s a fine line between humility and aspiration and it can be intimidating at times. Yet, it’s not a matter of choice – “just” a matter of feeling the fear, leaning in, painting on and seeing what happens.  Otherwise … I might as well … practice law …

I studied Hundertwasser’s paintings, and read a lot about his work and life. While in the Netherlands, I was lucky to find a number of beautiful catalogues from his exhibits in specialized art book stores.

His Manifesto  for a universal academy of all creative fields titled  “the Pintorarium” (1959) seems timeless and holds a lot of principles that could guide and inspire visionary educators and social innovators right now. See picture of the original document here. I decided to brush it off, and – hopefully in honor of  Hundertwasser’s intention – to play with it, to letter it with my own brush and share it with the world.

Let’s create Pintorariums in our own communities – small or big, formal or informal – and remember: dress outstandingly!

Would you like to display a reminder of this vision in your school, studio, house or community space? Printed and digital copies of the poster are available for purchase at my online store.

Painted interpretation of Hundertwasser’s Pintorarium Manifesto (1959) – Susanne Hoogwater

Gouache on rosy-red handmade paper (by Denver-based paper artist Ray Tomasso.)

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Wings and Prints – a love story

On First Friday December 6, 2013 I will be showing new work: a series of miniature handmade prints of animals and holiday gifts.  This work tells a story of the surprising ways in which love can show up. The animal kingdom gifted me this year with an invitation to expand the territory of the heart. For those of you who have seen my previous show, earlier this year, with mini divine feminine icons: it’s a continuation of the miniatures as small windows and short time frames of artful awareness. 

You are welcome to stop by in my old gallery space in the Art District at 802 Santa Fe Drive, Denver, upstairs on the left side of the hallway, on the right wall in the back. The Gallery is now owned by artist Wynne Reynolds of Red Easel Studio. I would love to see you there between 6 PM and 9 PM!
For a preview, please watch the invitation in this short SketchVideo – Artshow – Invitation (less then a minute).

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Cosmic box of crayons

A mixed media piece – collage of paper from Swedish atlas , crayons, acrylics on paper.

Inspired by a conversation with visionary lawyer Kim Wright, who was telling me that in coaching clients she use the metaphor of the Crayon Box: some people just don’t want to try to color with a different color from the box of crayons …. and others are willing to try a new palette ….others feel called to play with ALL of the colors …. and some of us are willing to invent some new colors. Renaissance Souls do like multiple colors!












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Color Moves

A new series of small works. One image, many colors, many expressions. Work in progress.

Expressing Heart
Safe Direction
Mixing and Magnetizing
Touching Unity







November 2012 – on display in my Glowmapping studio

The painting process reveals the colors and the living energies that they hold. (Yes, really … color is a living thing – colors have their own frequencies and therefore our human energy fields responds to them in unique ways . There is more to color then just the symbolic meaning, or the psychological and emotional effects.)

I simply start to paint and see what color palette starts to emerge on the canvas. Then I play with the painting and the colors as long as it takes. When it’s done, I sit with the painting for a while and sense both physically and energetically what kind of energies it seems to activate in me. I wait for a title to emerge. A title that best reflects how the colors move me. I blend my intuitive insights with inspiration from a wonderful book about  color therapy: The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Color Therapy for the Soul.

I am curious how these colors move other people. Please visit Glow Gallery on First Friday in June for a colorful and sensory experience.

Much gratitude to Judith Brandts, the model in the original photo and the maker of the purse. She designs and makes beautiful leather purses in wonderful colors. Completely handmade in the Netherlands. Dutch Design inspires!

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Face Time Art Show – January 5, 2013

I  started 2012 with painting a mini portrait – the size of a passport photo – every day. Almost every day.  I made about 50 of these miniatures, and then another creative project took the front burner. This year I started with an art show in my old art gallery space in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver, at 802 artists. Just renting wall space makes it so easy and fun to share my work, and connect with other artists and hang out with friends.





To honor my daily creative commitments I adjusted the size of the painting to small windows of painting time. Short moments, repeated many times.

The small portraits open new perspectives and working titles. One of them is “the Not-so-big-self”. “Face Time” is another one.

A very freeing, fun, and fulfilling practice. My daughter has followed by painting “The Daily Dog”.

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