make think wonder

This page holds space for future projects on the intersection of art, craft, philosophy, thinking and social change.

I believe that philosophical conversations can take place in the form of (craft)making. I am fascinated by Harvard’s educational project Making Thinking Visible and ideas on CraftThinking as embodied cognition. Blending creative processes with rigorous philosophical inquiry and vice versa. Inquiry through tactile and mental interactions.

Social sculpture is a vibrant approach that holds my interest. As part of my MA study in Continental Philosophy I explore theories on art, thinking, wonder, taxonomy/categorization and sensory making. Please send me an email, if you are interested to read my essay “Michel Serres‘ language of artisanal fiber crafts in The Five Senses and The Natural Contract”.

Philosophy has much to offer: time-tested ideas and thinking tools to experience profound understandings. Socratic dialogue, Bohm dialogue, philosophical companionship and philosophical counseling weave philosophical wonder into our engagement with everyday problems and big life questions.   The American Association of Philosophical Practitioners encourages philosophical awareness and advocates leading the examined life.