Creative Living

















This is my invitation to explore and expand radical/rooted creative living.

I know a few things about the path of creativity.

It does not fit on one map, has no set destination, and it shows up as we show up.

I know it involves my body-mind, my monkey-mind, my mind-mind, my spirit-mind, my hands, my eyes, lots of color, lots of things that feel good in my hands, and the flow of creative consciousness.

I know that I know very little.

I choose to show up for the unknown.

I don’t like the unknown very much and I fall in love every time I give her a chance.

I feel called to widen the creative circle and nudge other people to step in.

I know that you are a creative human being at your core and beyond.

May I inspire you to tip-toe deeper into your creative living-being?

For the benefit of all