My work and projects tell my story best. I am originally from the Netherlands, and moved  in 2005 to Colorado, USA. My creative-intuitive spirit had been quiet for many years, during law school and my practice as an attorney/corporate lawyer. Fortunately she was lively enough to guide me on a colorful journey of  creative working, living and being.

I am a creative consciousness connector with different job titles: big picture consultant,  visual artist, information designer, renaissance soul entrepreneur,  and energy healer.   Read more about these projects at Sift Visuals,  LegalVisuals, and GoodMoodLaw.

I wish to inspire and support people to connect the dots of their creative expression and creative courage – starting with small steps towards bigger possibilities. My hope is that our collective creative capacity is a generator of sustainable energy to imagine and create a world that works better for all.

Playful depth is the energy signature of my work.  Both visual and healing art practices connect me to an expanded sense of aliveness and rich realms of  imagination.   It is a constant creative conversation and illumination, often beyond words.

Good Mood Art also embraces ‘bad’ moods and uncomfortable media. However, I have found over and over again that the intuitive creative process is a transformative teacher of the transcendent power that is available to us. If I simply start and commit to one doodle, a few marks and a touch of color … the rest will follow.

Visual arts
Since 2002 I have pursued independent art studies through a bohemian blend of classes in painting, drawing, art history, intuitive development, energy healing and spiritual enrichment. I am especially grateful for the workshops of the visionary artist Katherine Skaggs. I started to show my work in 2009 by participating in a juried art show at Core Gallery, in the Santa Fe Art district in Denver, followed by a solo art show in 2010 at the gallery of the People House in Denver.  The next year, I  opened a small art gallery, GlowGallery,  in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver.  This adventure came with the insight that my creative process flows best in a small, intimate environment.  I closed the gallery, brought my art back to my home studio and show my work once or twice a year in a gallery or pop up art show.

Color is my greatest inspiration.  I admire artists who are brave, original, wild, free, rich, subtle, complex and expressive through color: Hundertwasser, Norman LaLiberte, Georgia O’Keeffe, Alice Neel, Maira Kalman. I also have a warm heart for the poetic watercolor imagery of Sulamith Wulfing, the sweet colored marker illustrations of Patricia Polacco and the pop surrealism paintings of Camille d’Errico.

My current passion is weaving. My son Marnix Hoogwater (18) has been a fiber artist since he was 10 and taught me recently how to spin and weave. 

If you are interested in seeing and/or supporting my work, please contact me to schedule an appointment for a studio visit or an invitation to my next art show.



Healing arts
Over the last twenty years I have felt inspired and supported by many forms of body work & energy work. I’m especially drawn to healing and movement arts with a playful element – Dru Yoga, Nia Dance, Haptonomy, Poj spinning, Aura Soma, meditative weaving and drawing, Reiki, Feldenkrais, Metamorphosis, Breema and newly BodyTalk.

I have been practicing Reiki  since 2006,  since 2010 as a Reiki Master.  In 2014 I became a Metamorphosis practitioner.

Would you like to schedule a session in Denver, Littleton or Trinidad, Colorado? Please contact me via phone or email – see below.


Susanne van der Meer

telephone 720-3243555