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Tiny Van, Tiny Art – mobile pop up gallery

For the Artocade Art Car festival in Trinidad, South Colorado, I revived my Tiny Muse art show. It’s a series of miniature projects that I painted in 2012. I adjusted the size of the paintings to small windows of available time and “the-not-so-big-self. Fun to bring this show into a tiny space for the first time: my part time bedroom/tiny camper van doubled up as a mobile pop up gallery.

I am fascinated with tiny houses, like many others. The Tiny House trend seems to be an icon for our collective need for quiet time, sustainabiity, simplicity, mystery, intimacy, freedom, creativity and closeness to nature.

I wonder what kind of art belongs in A-Not-So-Big-World, in a tiny house with limited wallspace. How small is the new version of the grandiose mantle piece?

May all your tiny living spaces be artfully curated!