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TONDO – Visual notes on the wonder path

It’s done. The book is ready. It’s called TONDO – visual notes on the wonder path. “Tondo” is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art.

A book looks simply like a book, a stack of pages, filled with fine print and pretty pictures, held together by some form of binding. But beyond the box of a book it’s a project, a process, a container, a celebration, a mirror, a permission slip, a goal, a coming out, an experience of completion and above all: a way to share the journey, to inspire others and to pay the gifts forward.

Tondo is an art journal, a creativity guide and a cabinet of curiosities. It’s a curated collection of more than eighty round illustrations, doodles, paintings and notes that I have created over the past 12 years. The collection tells my visual story of creative and spiritual inquiry in a variety of art media.

I hope to inspire others to connect their own creative dots.

It’s also a Renaissance Soul manifesto – if you have multiple talents, give yourself permission to develop them all!



• The first edition of the book is self-published in a small print run. It is not yet available via regular book sellers. Finding a publisher and/or making the book available to a wider audience is the next phase of the project.  The book of 190 full color pages can be ordered online  for $49 + shipping.

Special  launch price $35 + shipping. If you live in the Denver area we might be able to arrange a direct delivery or pick-up. Email me at to order your book.

If you live in the Netherlands, we can bring your copy in July. The price is 32 Euro (+shipping, if necessary)



Yes, most of the pages in the book are for sale. Some works have been sold to private collectors. Others need to stay with me.

If you find a page that really speaks to you and you would like to adopt it, please contact me at for the price and shipping details. Pricing ranges from $20-200.