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Inspired by the work of Hundertwasser and his Pintorarium Manifesto

This spring and summer I have been inspired by the art and life of visionary artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000). His vibrant, colorful paintings , his wildly independent and original approach to life and his conceptual, intuitive, funny, mystical philosophy speak to me. A truly creative human being.

His spirit urges me to continue on the artist’s path, to be in touch with my inner logic, and to create uncompromised bold work to bring that “logic” to life in bright and non-linear ways. It’s a fine line between humility and aspiration and it can be intimidating at times. Yet, it’s not a matter of choice – “just” a matter of feeling the fear, leaning in, painting on and seeing what happens.  Otherwise … I might as well … practice law …

I studied Hundertwasser’s paintings, and read a lot about his work and life. While in the Netherlands, I was lucky to find a number of beautiful catalogues from his exhibits in specialized art book stores.

His Manifesto  for a universal academy of all creative fields titled  “the Pintorarium” (1959) seems timeless and holds a lot of principles that could guide and inspire visionary educators and social innovators right now. See picture of the original document here. I decided to brush it off, and – hopefully in honor of  Hundertwasser’s intention – to play with it, to letter it with my own brush and share it with the world.

Let’s create Pintorariums in our own communities – small or big, formal or informal – and remember: dress outstandingly!

Would you like to display a reminder of this vision in your school, studio, house or community space? Printed and digital copies of the poster are available for purchase at my online store.

Painted interpretation of Hundertwasser’s Pintorarium Manifesto (1959) – Susanne Hoogwater

Gouache on rosy-red handmade paper (by Denver-based paper artist Ray Tomasso.)