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Color Moves

A new series of small works. One image, many colors, many expressions. Work in progress.

Expressing Heart
Safe Direction
Mixing and Magnetizing
Touching Unity







November 2012 – on display in my Glowmapping studio

The painting process reveals the colors and the living energies that they hold. (Yes, really … color is a living thing – colors have their own frequencies and therefore our human energy fields responds to them in unique ways . There is more to color then just the symbolic meaning, or the psychological and emotional effects.)

I simply start to paint and see what color palette starts to emerge on the canvas. Then I play with the painting and the colors as long as it takes. When it’s done, I sit with the painting for a while and sense both physically and energetically what kind of energies it seems to activate in me. I wait for a title to emerge. A title that best reflects how the colors move me. I blend my intuitive insights with inspiration from a wonderful book about ┬ácolor therapy: The Aura-Soma Sourcebook, Color Therapy for the Soul.

I am curious how these colors move other people. Please visit Glow Gallery on First Friday in June for a colorful and sensory experience.

Much gratitude to Judith Brandts, the model in the original photo and the maker of the purse. She designs and makes beautiful leather purses in wonderful colors. Completely handmade in the Netherlands. Dutch Design inspires!