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Face Time Art Show – January 5, 2013

I  started 2012 with painting a mini portrait Рthe size of a passport photo Рevery day. Almost every day.  I made about 50 of these miniatures, and then another creative project took the front burner. This year I started with an art show in my old art gallery space in the Santa Fe Art District in Denver, at 802 artists. Just renting wall space makes it so easy and fun to share my work, and connect with other artists and hang out with friends.





To honor my daily creative commitments I adjusted the size of the painting to small windows of painting time. Short moments, repeated many times.

The small portraits open new perspectives and working titles. One of them is “the Not-so-big-self”. “Face Time” is another one.

A very freeing, fun, and fulfilling practice. My daughter has followed by painting “The Daily Dog”.

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